Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mini Skinny Dip Haul

Skinny Dip London is a company which every person who scrolls through social media on a daily basis must have come across, I as a blogger am an absolute victim when it comes to spotting something which looks so cute or unusual & Skinny Dip London fits both of these categories. 

Ever since seeing their phone cases plastered all over instagram I have constantly been wanting to make an order with them, so when I finally got my phone upgraded I thought it was about time I treated myself to a pretty little phone case. Of course I couldn't just make an order with one item though.... oh no. I came away with two phone cases and a new makeup bag cause you only live once so enjoy the little things girls. 

The packaging they arrived in was bloody beautiful unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it but it was a holographic silver wrapping paper if I remember correctly.... 

I picked up the 'Babe Magnet Case' for £12.00 but has now gone down to £8.00 on their website which is linked above for you girls and I also got myself the 'Heart Rocket Case' which was £12.00 and now £6.00. I love them both, they're the perfect thickness so my phone doesn't feel so much bigger than it already is and they both have pretty little glitter particles inside the plastic too. 

That icecream makeup bag though! I picked this up because I needed a makeup bag for my holidays which was that type of wipe down material I can never remember the name of it, because knowing my luck some type of liquid makeup product will burst. I can't find this on their website but I'm guessing it was around £12.00 and they do have similar ones if anybody is interested. I can't wait to start packing at the end of august just to start filling the little beauty. 

I know this was a short and sweet post but I hope you liked it.

All my love.