Sunday, 24 July 2016

Protein World Six Month Review

The first ever blog post I did was about the fitness goals I wanted to achieve in 2016, I explained how I had been engaging in the lifestyle and fitness industry for over a year and I was ready to start using protein shakes and other supplements to help me to reach my targets. Protein World was my first ever type of fitness supplement and I as promised am doing my six month review to let you all know how I have found using it. 

My aims for using protein world:

1. Tone Up
2. Build Muscle 
3. Aid Recovery 

Has Protein World helped me to achieve my goals? 

If I am being completely honest, I don't feel as though using protein world has helped me to tone up in the slightest I haven't really noticed any difference in my shape since using this, now I don't know if this is the case for the 'Slender Blend' which I didn't get due to other goals I wanted to achieve but I definitely think if being more toned and slimmer is something you want to achieve maybe try the Slender Blend rather than the Whey Protein. I was told the Whey Protein may but some additional weight on me which I was prepared for as I'm only a small girl but never mind.. tried and tested and now I know for myself. 

However.. even though I haven't toned as such the protein has been much appreciated in building muscle I can honestly say I know on my own body how much muscle I have created for myself within the past six months, which has become more and more prominent since using the protein. I've gained so much muscle on my legs and glutes than I had before which I am personally proud of as I always had quite a nice bum judging from previous compliments ;) but my legs were so thin so I wanted to work on them.  

I feel like the building muscle has been in turn with aiding my recovery I used to struggle with aching quite a bit when I first started training and to be honest I still do, some days are more difficult than others but using the Protein World shakes DOES help with those aches and pains, especially due to getting more protein in my diet which I did have trouble with due to personal preference of food and as it is drummed into all of our head's protein is really important in injury and muscle recovery.

So my over all thought? Do I think Protein World Works? - I think it has it's pros and cons but I don't think it's as fantastic as the celebrities make it advertised...

But saying that, would I try the Slender Blend? Yes. I would, just to see if there was a difference to the effects on your body to maybe lose weight and tone more. I do like the brand as I said in my first post of protein world, their service was fast and effective and the give a personal touch to their packaging which always wins me over. 

After six months this is the amount of protein I am left with, which I think is really good due to the fact I try to work out at least twice a week if not more. I am slowly on my way out and have already stocked up on a different protein brand just to try something new as you all know I'm a sucker for finding brands that I love and to do that you have to try and try again. 

Top Tip: 

I still from day one really like the taste of the banana flavour, I find it really soothing but I would say to people to try it with other liquids other than milk or water. I tried mixing with coconut water and oh my goodness, honestly the best mixture ever so refreshing! 

I know it was short and sweet and probably not the best review out there but I felt like I needed to do this just for myself. If somebody has a different opinion or feels like I should try the Slender Blend version to see if I would like it better as my fitness aims have changed slightly, give me a shout. 

All my love 

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