Sunday, 24 July 2016

Protein World Six Month Review

The first ever blog post I did was about the fitness goals I wanted to achieve in 2016, I explained how I had been engaging in the lifestyle and fitness industry for over a year and I was ready to start using protein shakes and other supplements to help me to reach my targets. Protein World was my first ever type of fitness supplement and I as promised am doing my six month review to let you all know how I have found using it. 

My aims for using protein world:

1. Tone Up
2. Build Muscle 
3. Aid Recovery 

Has Protein World helped me to achieve my goals? 

If I am being completely honest, I don't feel as though using protein world has helped me to tone up in the slightest I haven't really noticed any difference in my shape since using this, now I don't know if this is the case for the 'Slender Blend' which I didn't get due to other goals I wanted to achieve but I definitely think if being more toned and slimmer is something you want to achieve maybe try the Slender Blend rather than the Whey Protein. I was told the Whey Protein may but some additional weight on me which I was prepared for as I'm only a small girl but never mind.. tried and tested and now I know for myself. 

However.. even though I haven't toned as such the protein has been much appreciated in building muscle I can honestly say I know on my own body how much muscle I have created for myself within the past six months, which has become more and more prominent since using the protein. I've gained so much muscle on my legs and glutes than I had before which I am personally proud of as I always had quite a nice bum judging from previous compliments ;) but my legs were so thin so I wanted to work on them.  

I feel like the building muscle has been in turn with aiding my recovery I used to struggle with aching quite a bit when I first started training and to be honest I still do, some days are more difficult than others but using the Protein World shakes DOES help with those aches and pains, especially due to getting more protein in my diet which I did have trouble with due to personal preference of food and as it is drummed into all of our head's protein is really important in injury and muscle recovery.

So my over all thought? Do I think Protein World Works? - I think it has it's pros and cons but I don't think it's as fantastic as the celebrities make it advertised...

But saying that, would I try the Slender Blend? Yes. I would, just to see if there was a difference to the effects on your body to maybe lose weight and tone more. I do like the brand as I said in my first post of protein world, their service was fast and effective and the give a personal touch to their packaging which always wins me over. 

After six months this is the amount of protein I am left with, which I think is really good due to the fact I try to work out at least twice a week if not more. I am slowly on my way out and have already stocked up on a different protein brand just to try something new as you all know I'm a sucker for finding brands that I love and to do that you have to try and try again. 

Top Tip: 

I still from day one really like the taste of the banana flavour, I find it really soothing but I would say to people to try it with other liquids other than milk or water. I tried mixing with coconut water and oh my goodness, honestly the best mixture ever so refreshing! 

I know it was short and sweet and probably not the best review out there but I felt like I needed to do this just for myself. If somebody has a different opinion or feels like I should try the Slender Blend version to see if I would like it better as my fitness aims have changed slightly, give me a shout. 

All my love 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Empties & Regrets

Considering my empties bag was beginning to overflow this month, I realised it was about time I wrote the blog post and helped the world by filling my recycling bin and help the economy by buying lots of nice new products; typical girl! I absolutely love writing my empties blog posts' I get such a buzz out of reflecting on the products I've used and really thinking about whether or not I would purchase them again. 

Last empties post I started with makeup, but I have been all for my hair lately so let's begin with my hair care empties..

Since my last empties in March I have managed to use up 2 shampoo and conditioner sets and 2 deep conditioners. 

Loreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser Shampoo & Conditioner 
I can hand on heart say that this brand of shampoo and conditioner has been my most favourite hair care in a very long time! The condition of my hair after using these products was outstanding, I included them in my March and April favourites because I literally couldn't get over them. I'm somebody who is always looking for new brands to try when it comes to my hair as I luckily have quite thick hair which recovers quickly from heat damage and colourant damage, after using Loreal's Luminiser Collection  my hair looked and felt so healthy, I couldn't believe how smooth my hair was and the shine was amazing! Such a wonderfully crafted product. 

 Instagram Image: @hannahslittlehaven

Garnier Fructis Colour Care Shampoo & Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner
The Garnier shampoo and conditioner are actually not from the same range I must have mistakenly picked up a different bottle, but nevertheless they both worked wonderfully. The Fructis Shampoo was really luxurious to work through my hair, it had such a smooth thick texture for a shampoo and smells very refreshing. The cranberry and argan oil conditioner has a nice warm scent and it really helped to hydrate my coloured hair, although I did find the conditioner itself had quite a thin consistency for a conditioner. 

Loreal Paris Elvive Fibrology Thickening Masque 
My hair care routine has always consisted of using a deep conditioner or hair mask, I definitely feel the difference when I don't use one for a few weeks. I decided to try the Fibrology Masque after hearing some good reviews, I did like using the masque it did the job I wanted it too but for a girl who has thick hair already it made my curls soo heavy. The scent reminds me of a spa day right in your own bathroom, I definitely think this product is for those girls trying to build their hair into thick long locks. 

This hair masque does everything it says on the tin, it's aimed for those with dryer hair; who need that extra bit of moisture put back into their ends. It makes your hair feel clean, sleek, fresh and hydrated. The range is affordable and does it's task, Pantene have never let me down always a trusty brand to return to when in doubt. 

Sticking to the bathroom theme, shower gels and bath creams...

I think I picked this up at body care in Manchester.. I think the size of the product was which drew me to it considering it was 300ml and at body care there is always amazing deals, to be honest I felt as though it was a standard shower creme lovely to use but I don't think there was anything special about it.. would I buy it again? probably not, beautiful packaging but not such a beautiful product. 

Radox Feel Pampered & Radox Feel Uplifted
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels like radox has been their best friend from the very beginning, I have always had radox in my bathrooms. Lately I've picked up their new Feel Range, I chose the 'Feel Pampered with Shea Butter and Ginger' and their 'Feel Uplifted with Pink Grapefruit and Basil'. Trust me when I say that I have lived by their names.. using the Pampered on the days which have been tough and I've needed some comfort and the Uplifted in the mornings and after the gym. I absolutely adore both of these scents and I always feel brand new after showering with these products, such beautiful formulas. 

This Bath Cream from Imperial Leather is suitable for sensitive skin, I love how creamy the formula is and how the scent isn't really strong but at the same time relaxing. The perfect product to switch yourself off from work after a long day. 

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse
As a naturally pale girl I love to fake tan and St Moriz is most likely my go too tan, as expected of course there was going to be a tan bottle in my empties. I love to look bronze but I do struggle to get the time due to my shifts at work, I love the brand St Moriz I love the effect of their tan, how it develops, the finishing look I just wish it could permanently stay on my skin wishful thinking aye. 

As soon as this body cream hit my empties bag, a new one hit my skin care draw. I can not live without this anymore, I first discovered it for a holiday but I used the Cocoa Butter version I don't know if this was a special edition product but I have never been able to find that version since; gutted! However the original formula and scent still gets me through, I love how silky it makes my skin, how hydrated I feel ans especially how quickly it drys without leaving any tacky substance on my skin. My ideal moisturiser. 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
If you haven't smelt this body scrub, go into your local boots store run to the Soap and Glory aisle and unscrew the lid. You will never smell anything like it, close your eyes and you could be on a tropical beach sipping Vodka and Lime. The mix between the brown sugar, lime, almond oil and macadamia grains great such an amazing combination to the skin; I really enjoyed using this to prep my skin for a tanning session or if I needed a bit more life to my skin. I could definitely do with a stock up that's for sure. 

Lush Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser
If you've been following me right from the beginning you'll probably remember me telling you all about my Lush favourite, if you haven't let me keep this short and sweet. Let the Good Times Roll changed my life, I love using it for those days when I've worn a ton of makeup and need it OFF my face, the texture and smell are heaven on earth! One of the best products Lush have ever created for me, now thanks to this little black tub I can go and get myself a free face mask ;) 5 Black Lush Pot Code Girls. 

Simple Cleansing Lotion & Eye Makeup Remover Cream
Simple simple simple, since being a young girl in school to help with my acne I have always used Simple Skin Products I use them every single day and don't have many problems unless its that time of the month or something I have used has not agreed with my skin. I really recommend Simple for those who need something kind to their skin and something which is trust worthy. Their eye makeup remover cream, is the only eye makeup remover I will ever use I can't use anything else even their water version doesn't do it for me. If I run out of it I will go to every single drugstore and purchase it no matter if I could get it cheaper, and you know it's good when sometimes you truly are on a hunt for it and are lucky if a store has restocked or you've got the last one! I really need to start bulk buying guys. 

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
This toothpaste has ended up in my empties bag because I was using it none stop, I do think it made a difference to my teeth when I was using it but I do believe that the matching mouthwash makes your teeth much brighter it seems as though those using them both together you see more results than you would with just the toothpaste but saying that I did see results with a regular whitening toothpaste and the mouth wash either way I would buy both again as I did see a difference and who doesn't not like white teeth right? 

As of lately I am becoming slightly obsessed with fragrances, always looking for something new to smell and constantly spritzing myself all day long..

The Body Shop, Vanilla & Tonka Bean Body, Room & Linen Spray
You might spy a bit of a theme in the fragrance entry, I have such a love for vanilla fragrances it's a joke the sweetness and warmth just lures me in. I've had this Body Shop spray for quite a while actually and it's lasted me so long so I was gutted when it ran out, the perfect thing to spray yourself with to freshen up! This get's so many positive reviews on the Body Shop website it's hard not to resist. 

Impulse Vanilla Kisses Body Fragrance
Impulse has forever been my body spray staple, I can't remember the last time I used a body spray which could go into my handbag which wasn't impulse and I do go through a bottle like wild flower. Superdrug describe the scent as 'a feminine floral heart of white flowers with an intriguing oriental base of vanilla melt in a musky and sensual scent', I feel like there is quite a level to this body spray it really lasts a duration and makes you feel so much more put together.

Impulse Be Surprised Body Fragrance
This scent is probably in my top 3 for the impulse scents I can honestly say I've been through a fair few bottles of this, it's a mixture of violets and red fruits which I think is the reason I really like the scent the violets aren't such an overwhelming flower quite fresh but the red fruit's balance it out to create a refreshing scent to get you ready for your day. 

I have also been through Impulses' Very Pink and Why Not scents, but they unfortunately ended up in my bin at work and completely forgot about saving them to include in this post! Very Pink includes Pink Grapefruit another one of my favourite ingredients in scents and of course some vanilla is in there! But can we just take a second to appreciate Impulses' collaboration with Charlie XCX who created the scent Why Not together.... 
OH MY GOD the best scent I have ever smelt in my life! this honestly gives me such a boost for my day and get's me super excited as it really reminds me of holidays! something in that scent smells like suncream, sand and sea all mixed together and I can't get enough of it. 

Accessorize Promised Fragrance
My intentions for this fragrance was for work purposes only I work with babies all day long and that can start to feel a bit yucky after a while, I wanted a perfume which I liked and inexpensive. I originally liked this fragrance because it was fresh and zingy. There is  lot of fruity smells within this perfume lemons and cranberries with green tea leaves and white flowers, which blend well together to create something vibrant. At the beginning I really liked this scent but now it's starting to get a bit much for me, I'm not enjoying to scent as much as I did I don't know if it's because I fell in love with the Why Not impulse.. but I am definitely on the look out for a new work scent. 

Aaww guys look what ended up in my empties bag.. my trusty healthy Some Good Lingonberry Powder. I bought this after struggling with my energy levels and I was that impressed by the superpowers it has I wrote a review on it which you can find my clicking the 'Life' button on the home page of my blog. This was honestly a game changer in my world I have so much more energy drinking this it was as if I could literally feel my body recharging around the time I would usually feel a lull, I seen such a change in my hair too it became so thick and heavy I had no choice but to get some layers in to take the weight off! If you haven't given this a go already just try it.. give it a few days and let it work it's magic, I would never have thought I would find something so natural to help with my energy! 

I'm really surprised that I have only got a few makeup products which I have used up I thought there would have been more...

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
As much as it pains me to say because I am such a fan of Rimmel products this formula really didn't work for me.. I chose the colour Light Porcelain which was far to light for me so I used to mix it with foundations which were too dark for me or if I was in between shades from false tanning. I really like the thought of this foundation the anti fatigue effect and radiant glow it states to provide but unfortunately it just didn't work out for me.

Gosh Exceptional Wear Foundation 
I've had this foundation in my collection for that long I am pretty sure the packaging has now changed and maybe even the formula... I bought the shade Golden purposely to have a foundation to match my fake tan. I don't know why I haven't bought it in my natural shade because I actually really love the foundation, I feel like it has a semi matte finish but not drying at all; the coverage is medium but can be build able I've built it to a perfect full coverage before now. The duration is great for lasting, I used it on nights out and it was perfect from start to finish. I think I'm convincing myself to go on a Gosh splurge right now, you can pick Gosh products up online or at Superdrug. 

Mac Cosmetics Prep & Prime Skin Base Tester 
I received this primer as a free tester when I purchased some Mac products online a while back, I fell in love with formula which is why it is all used up. The texture is really light weight and nice to apply to the skin, it does have a silicone base to it so evens out uneven skin and creates a smooth base. On Mac's website it apparently say's it's supposed to also even out redness, to be fair I didn't really notice that but I do want to purchase the full size purely because of how nice the texture of the base it. 

Well there you have it all of the products I have used up over the past few months, time to start a new collection of items.. I really hope you might find something you wish to try and if there is anything you think I might love feel free to leave a comment! 

All My Love