Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Skinny Tan, The New Natural False Tan ...

So back in April, Skinny Tan came and entered the false tanning world! They came out with a bang offering lots of promotional offers due to them joining Superdrug stores throughout the UK.
I being somebody who struggles avoiding such amazing deals decided to buy one of their promotional packages which was two 150ml bottles of their tanning mousse and their Luxury Tanning Mitt for £33.99 and the original retail price for all of these items would have been £48.97. Fortunately for you guys out there right now both
 Skinny Tan  and Superdrug have got some amazing deals on due to their launch! 

I wanted to write a bit of a review due to it being a new product on the shelves and also a new product for me to try, which was exciting! My delivery arrived fairly quickly but I did feel as though the packaging could have been a little more less average due to the price range of the tan, maybe I'm asking a little much due to my holy grail being St Moriz which as we all know is a cheerful price. 

I used Skinny Tan a few times before I made my review, just like you would with a foundation sometimes it might work better with a primer than without so I don't like making initial decisions. My facial skin is normal to oily but my body skin is pretty much normal, I don't suffer from dry skin or oily skin when it comes to my body. 


I did two different Skinny Tan applications, one with a luxury mitt and one with a normal tanning mitt. I truly one hundred percent recommend using Skinny Tan's Luxury Mitt, I have never felt a more smooth application which buffs out on your skin so easily than I did when I used this mitt. The texture of the mousse didn't change with a normal tanning mitt but there is something about the material they have used for their Luxury Mitt which works so well during application, the whole tan and mitt glide together like a dream.

The tan itself has what I would call more of a pink undertone than a olive or slightly orange like some false tans do, the application of the mousse was so smooth and the product itself smells lovely due to the natural ingredients and oils. Their all natural product contains Caramel, maybe that's their secret scent or the coconut oil which is a winner for everyone right? I applied my tan to both my body and my face as Skinny Tan state it is safe to do so, I noticed after I washed the colour guide off my skin was such a smooth base for other product applications such as moisturiser and makeup. I couldn't believe how calm and smooth my skin felt the day after. 


I applied my skinny tan on a Tuesday night and washed it off Wednesday morning, I did notice after the fake tan had set there was much more of a false tan scent to the formula and my bed sheets seemed to have much more colour on them than they would from previous tanners I have used, luckily though no stains remained. I started to notice the tan fading around Saturday, so it lasted maybe a couple of days longer than the tan I would normally use. 


The formula was not streaky in the slightest bit it didn't apply that way and it didn't set streaky even with the colour guide on, I will say the colour wasn't as dark as I would have liked in fact it was probably a little bit lighter then what I would normally use there wasn't an option to choose a dark or a medium from the brand, I'm guessing the colour is the same shade for every tan. With me being naturally very pale I'm not sure how this would work for somebody with a slightly darker skin tone trying to look a bit more tan. 
I wouldn't recommend this tan for somebody who has dry skin, I do not have dry skin but for some reason this formula clung to every dry patch on me such as my knees, ankles and knuckles and I always exfoliate and moisturise before I tan and because I'm not naturally dry I found this really odd! 

 Do I like the tan? I like aspects of it, I love the way the formula applies, the smell and the fact the ingredients are all natural is a big bonus for me but the fact you can't choose a shade range and the way it clung to certain parts of my body are a little off putting. However it did last longer than my St Moriz tan, I will continue to use Skinny Tan as I hate wasting products and I do like the tan but I'm not sure if it's a little over priced for the finishing product. 

If you have tried Skinny Tan and have a different skin type to me, put an entry in the comment box below so other readers know your experience too. 

If anybody can find me the perfect tan for my needs please either tweet me over on @hanlittlehaven, my instagram @hannahslittlehaven or drop a comment down below! I am still on the lookout for a tan to win me completely over! 

All My Love,

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