Sunday, 3 April 2016

Little Drugstore Haul

So last week not only did I receive a bunch of parcels from my on-line shopping addiction but I also went out to the shops and came back with a few needed bits... even though there isn't much, I thought I would share them with you anyway. 

I decided to pick up some of my much loved St Moriz as I've probably got one more application left from the tan I'm using, and you can never buy enough tanning mitts. 
I usually buy the medium tan but I have been wanting to try the dark version as I always wish my false tan was darker when it has set and I usually apply up to 3 times, so maybe it's the tone of the tan which makes a difference. 

I was in need of some new shampoo and conditioner, so when I seen all of the Loreal Elvive was on for half price I had to grab some. I decided to go for the nutri - gloss because at the moment my hair seems quite healthy but I wouldn't mind it looking extra shiny. 

Of course I got some of my toner and cleanser which I am also on the verge of running out of, Simple has been the only brand of skin care which I have used for years! My skin used to be so sensitive and using Simple products were the only things which would cool it down, my favourite of their line is the cream eye makeup  remover and it must be a lot of peoples because it is almost always sold out in every drug store your lucky if you find one when you need one. 
I wanted to branch out and find a night cream to hydrate my skin through the night, I spotted this Nivea Pure and Natural cream so I thought I would give it a go. It's very light and hydrating and your skin does look so much more replenished in the morning, I definitely want to use it more. 

The Rimmel Makeup Stand was on 3 for 2 as it usually is and I was in desperate need of mascara's as I had one left in my collection because they had all been used up so I decided to get one of the Day 2 Night which I have tried before and loved and I picked up the Extreme Black Volume Mascara Flash, I have been using this one for every day at work and I quit like the formula it's nothing special but for work it just makes my lashes look long, spread out and extra black which is all I need. I was also looking for a new pink lipliner, I always use Rimmel's East End Snob for and every day pink but this brighter one caught my eye... it's in the shade 101 You're All Mine and it goes perfectly with Mac's Snob. 

As I can't make a Lush stop just yet, I always return to Radox. So I chose my favourite scent Ginger and Shea Butter to get me through my bath nights, it is super creamy and smells beautiful perfect for when you need some time out. 

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