Tuesday, 19 April 2016

High End Haul

For a while now I have been wanting to do a high end haul, the crave to buy a bunch of high end products was just no longer bearable so when I received a feel unique voucher in one of my online shopping parcels I took full advantage! 

Probably like most makeup addicts I have a list of products which I want to try, so when I was able to tick a few off my list that I wanted to add to my collection from this website I was more than impressed. 

The majority of my items were makeup but I also bought a hair care item and skin care. 

First of Skin Care..

Thanks to feel unique I have been able to get my little hands on a glam glow mask! I have been wanting to try one of these bad boys for absolutely ages, I obviously wanted to see what the hype was about and I am not disappointed.
I chose the SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask for a thorough cleanse of my dull skin which seemed to be completely stuck in a rut. 
 I used it during my pamper routine and I could not believe my skin after the application, not only was it brighter and smoother but there was not one blackhead left in my pores. If you struggle with blackheads definitely give this a go I could not believe my eyes! 

The only hair care product which I purchased from Feel Unique was from a brand called Bumble and Bumble, they're a well known company but to be honest I haven't come across them other than online but after me doing some research it seems that Boots UK actually stock them. 

 I used this when my hair was a little wavy and I really couldn't be bothered doing anything else to it, I sprayed it into the roots and mid length of my hair,  I hate nothing more than using hairspray and being able to feel product in my hair. HATE IT.
This stuff must be made of fairy dust... It makes your hair stay in style, helps add texture to your curls or waves and you can not feel any residue what so ever, when I find gems like this it makes me so eager to try out all the other products in their line. 

Now on to my favourite part Make-up! 
I picked up products from Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, The Balm, Laura Mercier, Lancome and Chanel. 

I picked up the Bare Mineral's Prime Time Primer in Neutralising Shade, I really like the way it feels light on your skin and the tone of the primer helps to counteract redness they also do other formula's of prime time to help brighten skin or oil control etc.

I bought my very first Urban Decay product and of course it had to be a Naked Palette, so I decided to choose the Naked 2 to begin with as I don't really feel like the Naked 3 are my sort of tones. I find myself using Foxy, Tease and Suspect a lot at the moment.

Two of The Balm products made their way into my basket I picked up an eye liner and of course a highlighter. 

When I chose this eyeliner from the Feel Unique website, I actually thought it was a deep brown colour. It turns out its quite a deep maroon much more purple based than brown, I just need to find the right make up look to wear this with. 

I couldn't not pick up the Mary-Lou Manizer when I seen it, people aren't over exaggerating when they say it is absolutely beautiful! I'm addicted to using it, it glows so perfectly on the cheek bones its unreal. 

Also an update for you guy's Superdrug stores in Manchester are now stocking The Balm in their stores! 

Laura Mercier is one of them brands where their products are like gold dust when you use them, the quality is absolutely amazing and feels so luxurious, I treated myself to a primer and an eyeshadow which had been on my wish list for a long time! 

When this primer arrived I could not believe the size of it, it is absolutely huge the biggest primer I've ever bought the tube is full of product. 

It comes out in a pale pink colour and has a slight sheen to it due to it being a 'radiance' primer, it doesn't have any specks of glitter within it which I'm glad about just a beautiful iridescent shimmer. 

The eye shadow which I chose is a lustre eye colour in the shade Topaz, the formula feels so smooth and light when you touch it. In the pan it looks more like a champagne colour but when you actually place it on your eye lid it has a slight undertone to it, I think it would look perfect in the middle of a brown smokey eye. 

I bought this Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara as I have seen tons of reviews on it, really good ones at that! I also bought the Doll Eyes version for my mum at Christmas and she can't get enough of it; so I thought I'd give it a go myself. Honestly Lancome isn't a brand which I tend to lean towards but after trying this I think I'll really want to try more of their products. 

The Drama Hynose Mascara is amazing the pigmentation is so black which is what we all want from a high end mascara right? but the brush just makes magic it spreads your lashes to give the length but it also provides so much thickness, your lashes look so full and thick. 

Last of all is the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel in all honesty, I decided to get this for the pure fact that pretty much all the you tuber's I watch have it too. I have tried to use it but I had fake tan on and I wasn't very keen on the colour against my tan, I really think its a product I'm going to need more practice with. 

However the packaging is so stunning and the texture is smooth and creamy, a very luxurious product I just really want to learn a good method to use with it. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked ordering from Feel Unique, I already can't wait to do my next order my wish list on the website is already set up for me haha! 

I hope you treat yourself to some new goodies soon! you probably deserve it. 
All my love, 

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