Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February Favourites

Choosing my monthly favourites for February was fairly easy to do this month due to the fact I have just been in love with so many products, at first I limited myself and only chose six items to show in this post and then I thought what the hell! If you love it, share it! 
My favourites are all beauty products this month: fragrances, make-up and skin care. 

There are a few items in here which I have been using for longer than the four weeks, just because they are staples which I am constantly going back to and I'm sure in the many months of blogging to come you'll begin to realise my patterns of what brands and type's of products I love the most. I can't wait to try some new products throughout March and I am definitely going to make it my mission to try some new things and add to my collection! 


I have got two fragrances to share with you this month the first being a new discovery of mine which is a fragrance by the Beckham range, Victoria Beckham's Intimately Beckham for her has now become what I call my 'weekend perfume'. When you read the description of this perfume, it states that it is a 'floral' scent which I disagree with because I am really not a floral girl I much prefer sweet scents; to me it smells very clean  it does have a soft smell to it you can definitely smell the sandalwood and vanilla which are very complimentary together. 

Next I chose to feature an every day staple of mine Impulse's Be Surprised, I found this late last year and haven't been without it since. I can't find a body spray which I like more, I think it's the red fruits featured which keep me going back. I wear this every single day and don't feel complete without a little spritz! 

Skin Care 

For skin care I have recently been obsessed with Soap and Glory, I can feel an addiction occurring because I just can not get enough of their products. I am absolutely in love with their Rich and Foamous body shower creme, to the point that I have about 3 pumps of it left the sweet scent makes me feel so relaxed and smells the house out as if somebody has been baking away all day! I like to use it before bed or when I have had a rubbish day and need a little bit of luxury to pick me back up. I will definitely be repurchasing this and can't wait to try more from this range. 

I've also been liking their sugar crush body scrub for some people this may be to strong and citrusy, I like to use this to scrub off any remaining fake tan; the smell of lemons and lime make me feel motivated and awake to get on with my day.  

It was only at the beginning of the month I discovered Soap and Glory's Beauty Sleep Accelerator, this has literally changed my skin if I use this the night before I wake up and my skin feels hydrated it looks healthy and plump. The texture is like a balm and feels a little strange on your skin but is definitely worth it, I will be taking this on holiday with me in September for sure to hydrate my skin on a long haul flight!

As you can see in the picture I have involved my much beloved Let The Good Times Roll from Lush, which has already been mentioned in my Lush Haul post. I use this on the days when I feel as though I have worn a lot of make-up, my skin feels amazing after one little pea size of this beauty. 

I've started to realise that my skin is more dehydrated than oily as it has changed over the years and now is going through a dry stage, for Christmas I was given a couple of hydrating masks and the brand is called Beauty Junky; Shea Butter Cleansing and Revitalising Mud Face Mask. They are only 50p and you can get them from Pep and Co stores, I actually asked my friend if they could pick me up some more as they have to be the best nourishing mask I have ever tried! So for 50p, I keep my skin care draw nice and stocked. 


I have always loved Mac as a make-up brand but this month I seem to be using it much more than usual, in my last online shop from them they sent me a little sample of their prep and prime skin base... I NEED this in full size, it is amazing not only has it got little glitter in it which you can't feel on your skin it makes your makeup last for such a long time and feels so silky on your face. 

I recently found my new favourite everyday pink lipstick, which is called 'Peach Blossom' the formula is a Cream Sheen finish it just gives a nice subtle colour to your lips and pulls any everyday makeup look together. I like to pair it with their 'Edge to Edge' lipliner as they go perfectly together, I have also been loving Spice even though this has been raved about for a while now it has only just become a part of my makeup collection and it is probably safe to say my favourite lipliner so far. 

I have managed to discover a new concealer this month which isn't mac or my trusty collection lasting perfection, Rimmel's Match Perfection has stole my heart this month. I actually need to replace it as I have used it all up! I'm not so keen on the brush applicator but the formula, coverage and colour is a steal for me, perfect for whatever type of look your going for. 

Last of all is my Model in A Bottle Setting Spray, I purchased this about half a year ago from Amazon and I didn't like it... However this year I decided to give it another go. Considering it say's for sensitive skin it has a strong 'alcohol' scent to it and to be honest I'm not so keen about spraying it on my face, but I have to say I have noticed a difference in how my make-up holds when I wear this. It helps to combat powders and liquids breaking up and keeps my face from looking patchy, because this is a problem I do tend to have I am going to continue using this and I am glad I went back to it! 

Try and try again girls! 

What is the one staple you can't live without? 

All my love


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