Saturday, 12 March 2016

Empties and Regrets

 When starting my blog one of the post's I really wanted to do was a Empties and Regrets post, I was inspired to do this by watching Shaaanxo's videos on youtube so I thought I could try and convert the idea into a blog post it may not be as entertaining but I love the concept of the idea and for the past few months, I've been collecting all of the empty products I have used up!  

Let's start with makeup... 


Since around December I have managed to use up four makeup products from my makeup collection, most of them mainly from the Collection range. I have used the bottle of Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation in Ivory, the Collection Pressed Powder in Light and the Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip eyeliner. 
I absolutely love the felt tip eye liner, this has been my go to liner for everyday wear and I believe I have gone through at least five of them since reaching for my very first one; the nib starts thick and then goes into a thin point perfect for building a wing and a thicker middle. 

I also managed to use up my They're Real Mascara from Benefit, I bought this in August 2015 I didn't use it on a daily basis but this year began using it more and more. In all honesty I don't think I will re purchase this as I do prefer benefit's That Gal mascara I like the difference in the formula and how they make my lashes perform. 

Moving on to bathroom goodies, I used up all of my Colgate Max White Mouthwash, I purchased this as I started to use the toothpaste version and noticed a big difference in the whiteness of my teeth; the sensational mint flavour makes your mouth feel fresh and polished! 

Once again all of my Clean and Clear Morning Energy is used up, this is the face wash I always go back to I've used many different face washes and haven't found one which I like more than this. Other's can make me feel 'squeaky' clean which I don't like, whereas I love the scent of this and it helps me to feel ready for my day. 

I finally managed to finish my Rich and Foamous body wash from Soap and Glory, this was in my favourites a few weeks back and it was half way finished then.. I think I need a new one and fast I need that baked cookies scent in my life. 

I've been through a few lotions and potions most of them are to keep my fake tan looking new. I finished two St Tropez products, the Tan Optimizer and the gradual Tanner which I loved to keep a tan during those weeks at work when I just don't have the time to put a new batch of fake tan on throughout the week, I think I may try the darker shade of the gradual tanner next time just to give me that bit more tan. 

I used up one of my timeless classics my Anti Blemish Moisturiser by Simple, I have used this product for years and for a long time felt like it was the only moisturiser which worked for me I notice a difference in my skin when I stop using this the minimal ingredients keep my breakouts at bay.  I used up all of my Body Butter from the Superdrug range they were on 2 for 1 at the time, I bought the Coconut and Sweet Lime Scent and the Cocoa Butter Scent which I gave away. However I fell in love with the Coconut and Lime Scent, it made my skin feel like it could breathe and it soaked up easily. 

The fragrances I managed to finish were my Dove deodarant and my Impulse body spray in my favourite scent Be Surprised, this is another product I always find myself reaching for off the shelf. 

Last but not least the products which I regret... 

The biggest purchase regret is Superdrug's Vitamin E Leave on Moisture Mask, I have been holding on to this for a long while because I really wanted to love it but I tried and tried; I just couldn't like the product. For some reason on my skin it stung, I don't know why this is, I tried using different methods it just didn't work for me it has a gel like consistency a bit unusual compared to other moisture mask's I've tried but maybe it will work for you? 

The St Tropez Tan Optimiser is not something which I regret buying but I feel like there are better body exfoliator's out on the market for a better price, I prefer a exfoliator which is a hard scrub I know people will say it's bad for your skin but I prefer the bigger chunk scrubs such as RubRubRub by Lush or my Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub; I just seem to find these work better for me. 

Moving on to the Collection items, the foundation was something which I wanted to use up to get rid of.. sounds harsh but I really begrudge throwing away a full bottle of foundation. So I persevered with it, here I have the lightest shade and for every day at work it was just too dark for me and I was constantly mixing it with another foundation to lighten the colour; the coverage however was medium to full coverage which is great for a drug store foundation! 
The pressed powder was again too dark for me I chose Light, usually I would choose transparent I don't know if they just didn't have the shade when I purchased it or if they don't stock it at all.. I found that it could go a little patchy throughout the day too it ended up with the other empty's because it broke in my handbag after I hit pan, I much prefer Collection's Loose Powder over their Compact. 

What product do you always find yourself re-purchasing? 

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