Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Day in York

Earlier on this week I decided to travel to York to celebrate my other half's birthday, we ate some amazing food and did a spot of shopping and sight seeing around the city centre. It wasn't an intention to blog this trip as I completely forgot to take my camera with me but I did however put some posts' on my instagram @hannahslittlehaven, I just wanted to give you a little insight into how beautiful York really is! 

We stayed at the Ibis York Centre Hotel which we booked through a website called Late Rooms, the hotel was placed on a street which leads directly to the City Centre for all your luxurious shopping. The shopping Centre is to die for, I fell in love with how all the big named shops such as The White Company, Pandora and Lush etc were all placed into the little houses from York's original structure; it honestly was a dream to look at. 

On every corner of York there was a church, these ranged from little ones to really huge sculpted masterpieces. This all leafs back to the Romans who actually built the city guarded by a city wall which you can see from every angle you are in, you can walk along it but it would be an awfully long walk! 

This is the church that we fell in love with...

Please bare in mind these images are from my instagram page as I completely forgot my camera so the quality is not that great but at least it gives you a sneak peek.

We had our meal of the night at an Italian restaurant called Salvino's which was just down the road from our hotel, it looked as though it was a family run restaurant and it had a fair few customers during the night too, we then decided to go back to the hotel for the night cap as we were exhausted from our day of travelling. 

The next day Wednesday 24th February was our day to go home but before that we went in search of breakfast back to the city centre, me and Daniel ventured down a little alley way which again had lovely little shops down it's cobbled street; I felt as though I was in Diagon Alley from Harry Potter for a little while! We came back out on a different part of the shopping strip and came out at a pub named The Old White Swan, this is where we sat down to have some breakfast The Old White Swan is a part of the Nicholson's Pub Company and I tagged them in my instagram picture if you want to check them out..

It had such an old rustic theme through just modernising and tweaking little aspects from the 16th Century, it really was a beautiful place the staff who served us were so kind. We had a pot of tea which came with this little tea set of milk and sugar cubes! So Cute. The breakfast was even more amazing, the details in this place were unmissable the menu was placed in a hardback book.. if your somebody who really values things which are small and delicate, my advice is to go and check it out. 

After a spot of Daniel's birthday shopping we decided, to make our way back home for work in the morning so it was time to go back to the hotel and pack all this makeup away...

Take a look at my instagram for the images which are much clearer, I just wanted to write a post about my visit to York and I will definitely be investing in a new camera soon, to take on my next travels!

See you soon, All my love 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Little Lush Haul

from left to right: milky bath bubble bar, blackberry bath bomb,  lover lamp bath bomb,  frozen bath bomb, twilight bath bomb. let the good times roll face and body cleanser and bubblegum lip scrub.

If anybody out there knows me personally, they will know that I am a HUGE Lush fan! So when I was on my last shopping trip I couldn't resist going to my local store to spend a few pennies on a voucher I was given for Christmas, surprisingly I didn't spend the whole voucher so I can take myself on another trip when my personal stock is running low ;)

I picked up a couple of new editions and some of my old favourites which I can't go into Lush without purchasing, I just can't stop myself I love them so much. I wanted to share my little haul with you along with explaining my favourite Lush items and a little introduction on some of their new valentines editions.


'Let the good times roll' - when I run out of this cleanser I literally go into panic mode, you know what I'm talking about girls.. when you have that one staple product which saves your life and when it runs out you don't feel sane again until you've got it safe in your hands? Yep, well meet my staple.

Let the good times roll has saved my skin, I don't have the best skin.. I don't really breakout any more or not as much but I do have some scarring from acne when I was younger. When I started to use this cleanser it was as though heaven had kissed my face, I found out about it by watching a youtuber 'Sabrina, from Love, Laugh and Make-up' a few years ago now and ever since my first purchase I have new looked back.

Due to this cleanser being a gentle exfoliator I tend to use this at night time when I feel like I have had a heavy make-up day or when my skin feels like it needs a good scrub. If your new to natural products the texture might be some getting used to, I usually take about a small grape size piece from the cleanser, wet it under the warm running tap and then rub it together in my hands until it makes a paste.. then I gentle use circular motions to put it onto my skin. You can wash it off by splashing water on your face or I find the best method is to use a fresh flannel or muslin cloth soaked in steamy hot water.

The main ingredient in Let the Good Times roll is popcorn! now don't be alarmed, if you ever do find some pieces in your cleanser.. just 'roll' with them ;) they're always very soft so don't hurt your skin. After using this cleaner your skin smells good enough to eat, it looks healthy and clean and it feels like silk!

'Bubble Gum Lip Scrub' - Guy's I was in desperate need of a lipscrub, the cold weather in England has completely ruined my lips this year usually I don't do too bad as I love my lip balm but the wind, rain and cold hasn't been my best friend! I knew exactly where to go to get a lipscrub as Lush are pretty well known for their's. I have previously tried the Bubble Gum flavour and the Pop corn flavour, but honestly... I got a little bit bored of the Popcorn one after a while and decided to go back to the bright pink scrub which tastes like strawberry bubble gum! Yummy!

I think a lip scrub is a need for every one, but if your someone who loves your Matte Lipsticks at the moment, you kind of need to own one of these little luxuries! Now my lips are nice and smoothe ready for that perfect lip application!

Now lets move on to my favourite Lush products... BATHBOMBBBSSSSS. 



check out my instagram for a better quality of the left picture, I definetly need to invest in a better camera currently using Samsung MV800! bare with me guys. 

Let this little gem go! The frozen bath bomb, is probably my newest favourite of all time and I might just cry if it doesn't stay a permanent edition. It has the highest pigmentation of blue ever! Combined with white milky bubbles and little specks of glitter which make your bath absolutely beautiful.
If you believe in mermaids.. be a mermaid for a night in your own little lagoon because that's exactly how your going to feel, I've just got to figure out where I'm going to get my tail from!
I love the fact that this bath bomb doesn't have an over powering smell, personally I'm someone who is much more drawn to food smells rather than floral, so when I placed this in my bath and could smell the grape fruit oils I was delighted; your skin feels so soft and you are instantly relaxed! better yet it does not stain pretty white baths.

In the many years I have been using Lush products I have never been able to get to a store around Valentines day to choose from their valentines range and I know you can shop online but I really like to use the little individual bags to place the bath bombs in to keep them clean and seperate and if you order online unfortunately they don't come packaged that way. 
But this year I managed to get to a store just as some of their valentines editions had come out to play, I chose a bath bomb named Lover Lamp and also a bubble bar which I haven't seen before called Milky Bath although I am not sure if this is part of the valentines range.  

When I used this bath bomb my bath turned a milky white and was bursting with little hearts and slightly bigger hearts which melt into your skin as they're made from various oils, but Hannah decided she wanted to crush hers in her fingers haha! they felt like jelly so they was nice to play with whilst relaxing. This bath bomb definitely has a scent of orange in it but which drawn me to choosing it was because it had cocoa butter within it, which I'm honest I didn't really get a feel for my skin didn't feel as soft as it does with other bombs but I'm glad I gave it a go.. I definitely want to try the Prince Charming Shower Gel next time! 



The Twilight Bath Bomb is the perfect thing to help when you know your going to have a restless night or if you've had a tough day and just need those few minutes to take yourself away from the world, along with Lavender Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil.. with these seeping into your skin and senses you really wont have the energy left to fight your worries. Relaxing at the night time is the Twilights complete aim and well, it hit the target.
The colours within this bath bomb when it touches the water is absolutely stunning, it breaks out of the pink with a purples and blues. The aroma smells as though somebody is burning a warm candle throughout your home, this is one of my top five favourite bath bombs from Lush and I can always count on it when I need some time out.

Twilight Bath Bomb along with Milky Bath Bubble Bar

The last bath bomb which I purchased on this shopping trip was my much beloved Blackberry Bath bomb, a little interesting fact about this bath bomb for you guys.. not only was this my very first ever bath bomb I ever purchased but it was also the first bath bomb lush have ever created!! An still to this day it is not only my favourite but probably the stores secret weapon to their success. 

As simple as it may be there is something about a purple bath which gets me excited the colour is so deep that it looks so fresh and indulging! Once the bath bomb has completely melted it leaves a little note swimming in your bath which I think is such a cute little touch, for some reason it reminds me of a blackberry smoothie.. along with the citric acid smells and the colour of purple again this is a good bath bomb for relaxing as frankincense if the master of disguise. Apparently this little bad boy can help depression and anxiety as one of the ingredients which is within the product known as bergamot oil really helps to relieve tension and anxious nerves.

Go out and try some of my favourites and I hope they'll become yours, what staples do you always purchase from Lush? Let me know in the comments below. 

All my love, H