Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Disney Dreamer

How beautiful is this Alice in Wonderland mug? This amazing piece is made with such detail I cannot take my eyes of it! I love Disney, obsessed to the point I have pretty much the whole collection of DVD's and Alice has to be one of my favourite characters. So when I strolled upon this mug, in the store at Manchester I could not resist. 

This mug is a part of the new Animation Collection which is retailing in stores for £7.95 a mug, they range from Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, Simba from The Lion King and a few more. I really want to go back for the Simba mug which was a gorgeous mustard yellow colour!  I love how this collection imprints some of the classic sketches of the characters onto the mug itself, such a personal and delicate touch just as the staff at the Disney store do when they packaged my purchase in the pretty mickey mouse gift wrap. 

Whilst in the store, the lovely cashier told me about the new Disney film featuring Alice in Wonderland which is coming out in May 2016: Alice In Wonderland Through The Looking Glass. Following on from Tim Burton's 2010 creation of Alice in Wonderland, featuring the amazing actors of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helen Bohan Carter and the rest of the cast at their very best. 

I can not wait to see the showing and the trailer looks phenomenol! Now I have all of the Disney DVD's I think I'll make a start on my Disney cup collection now Guys! 

All My Love, 
H x 

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