Sunday, 22 January 2017

Manuka Doctor Miracle for Acne Scars

I wanted to give this product a little post of it's own due to the amount of years I have been searching for something to help with my acne scarring on my face, I never had severe acne maybe the odd breakout and spot here and there through hormonal changes when I was younger but I have very fair skin which is so prone to scarring it's unreal; a pen could scratch me and I'd be marked for life. 

I have tried so many of the marketed scarring brands out there and none of them have worked for me the way this has... 

I can honestly say in less than two weeks I have noticed such a big difference in the appearance of my skin, all thanks to the Manuka Doctor Api Clear Skin Treatment Serum.
I apologise that I don't have any before or after pictures but I honestly wasn't counting on it to work. However I am not sponsored for this post, nor would I be writing about a product if I didn't truly believe in it. 

Let me tell you a little bit about the product itself first...
So if you haven't already heard of the brand Manuka Doctor they create beauty products using Manuka Honey directly from bee keepers which harvest the honey from their hives, the whole process is absolutely 100% bee friendly. If you want to learn more about their products and ranges feel free to head to their online page at

I chose to go with something from the Api Clear range due to it claiming to tackle skin imperfections focusing on acne and scars, I purchased the serum from 

The Skin Treatment Serum says it is dermatologically tested and proven to: 

  • Moisturise blemish prone skin
  • Helps to reduce the cause of blemishes
  • Helps balance troubled skin
  • Skin Perfecting 
  • Skin appears more even toned and youthful 

I began using this product 10 days ago and already it has cleared my skin so much, I use two pumps morning and night and place it all over my face focusing it onto my cheek and chin area. When I wore no makeup my face would look as though I was spotty but that was due to the scarring being so red and prominent whereas when you actually felt the texture of my face it would be completely smooth. 

Now I have been using this the redness has completely gone down and my scars are nearly gone, my face is beginning to look so much more even and all one skin tone. All I have literally ever wanted just from one product! When you pump the serum out it is clear, cold and refreshing and feels so hydrating. I have tried other serums before and this one has such a different consistency to others I have used before, it's so light and doesn't feel drying like most serums or sticky considering it's full of honey! 

I do not know what I would do without this product now, it has become so consistent in my skin care and changed my whole routine. I can't wait to do a skin care routine now as I am so happy with how my skin is looking naturally, I'm just waiting on my holy moisturiser to get back in stock as it is sold out everywhere! 

If you suffer from scarring or need a secret gem in your skin care routine to help with creating that perfect base for your makeup, give Manuka Doctor a try I am so glad I did!! 

I'll see you all soon.